Cuong Nhu Martial Arts


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Our life can be seen like a race or a game, because it has a built-in time limit. And to give yourself the best chance of success, you must “Play To Win” in the game of life. When trying to win any game, you must usually defeat something… but what? You must defeat the opponents of fear of failure, hard work, procrastination, unknown results, and individuals that might stand in your way. An understanding of those opponents, and a willingness to defeat them, is the most important factor in your preparation.

“15” VERSUS “51”!

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When I was “15” a side kick at 6 feet high was very cool, but at “51” I realize that anyone whose ribs are that high, will destroy me regardless of my ability. At “15” I used to spar with non- stop combinations, determined to intimidate my opponent and others. Scoring points based on an amount of continuous techniques being thrown, while at “51” I analyze and stalk my opponent, until the finishing shot is used when necessary.  I remember at “15” I used to show off the bumps and bruises after weapons class or mat work training. I considered them an accomplishment. Now, at “51” I would use knee pads and arm pads as protection, and to prevent soreness, while getting the same results.


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Martial Arts training involve many different stages of ones BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.  When we first start training it is only the physical aspects and improvement of the techniques is the main priority.  We are more concern about how to kick higher and harder, how many katas that we know, and of course how fast we can progress in our ranking.  During this stage, the students only concern with themselves and their abilities and this is where they get most of their inspiration.  This is also a very critical time of commitment and the result is higher rate of drop out.


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A leader is not just telling people to be like me but rather get the most out others for who they are.  A great leader must have a great deal of understanding of his/her people and their abilities in all situations.  A leader not only judge by the final product but the amount of people embraced his/her vision.


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What is teaching? Are we teaching martial arts like college professors teach English or Math?  Does our teaching style mirror that of a buffet counter at a restaurant?  Are we teaching just to assure ourselves that we know the material?