Cuong Nhu Martial Arts


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The Cuong-Nhu friendships and mental memory is beyond our abilities as a Martial Art Technitians.  The Founder and our past instructors dedications to make us all a better person must inspire us to continuing our journey as well as rededicated to make the next generations of Cuong Nhu students better.  Our experienced and wisdom of the style’s history must be preserved through our constant involvement and not just our abilities to tell a story.  It is like a child all grown up and never come back.  I urge for all those who have been out of touch to try to self motivate yourself for OUR style future by trying to stay involve in some capacity.


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“Great people shared the same ideals; common people shared the same interests”.  I often heard my dad said this while growing up and it has becoming one of my favorite quotes.  What is an ideal, work, while interest is generally, enjoyment?  Ideals also “follow your dream” thought process.  If following your dream is doing something that you love but not productive or beneficial to your life style then it is an interest.


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This is one of the worst excuses one can have.  It is merely just talking and thinking and not DOING.  Physical preparation is 80% while mental execution is the remainder.  Everyone is an underachiever; it is the one that gets closer to 100% effort gets the most success.  People often said “I gave 120%” which is a fallacy.  This will fools you into what your effort really is.  Work is neither a sprint nor even running a marathon.  It is a constant everyday HABIT that determines your work ethics.  Some people will confuse that they work hard for 4 weeks and claim to have a work ethics.  In fact, your speed and quality is not as good as those whose doing it for a long time.


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Many of us are planners, thinking far ahead gives us the comfort of knowing what is coming up in our future. However, anticipating unfavorable results can paralyze your willingness to take action. Fear and anxiety often occur when you expect an outcome that may not be to your liking. Over-planning with fear of failure will become procrastination. So, in this case, what is more important to you: the journey or the destination?