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Our life can be seen like a race or a game, because it has a built-in time limit. And to give yourself the best chance of success, you must “Play To Win” in the game of life. When trying to win any game, you must usually defeat something… but what? You must defeat the opponents of fear of failure, hard work, procrastination, unknown results, and individuals that might stand in your way. An understanding of those opponents, and a willingness to defeat them, is the most important factor in your preparation.  

Preparation is 90% of success. So when you maximize your preparation, it’s almost as though you’ve already won. Whether in work-related, academic, or athletic endeavors, the more you prepare the more it becomes a habit that engrains into your character. Preparation also lets you relax your mind and let you do whatever it is you’ve trained to do when it’s time to execute. There is significantly higher chance of success when you act on trained instinct instead of thinking under duress when it’s time to perform. Chances are you’re not going to be able to formulate a solution if you are not prepared.

Old-fashioned people say “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” But if that were true, we’d all still be riding horses today. I believe you must fix or improve something long before it becomes obsolete. To win you must always improve. Those with low expectations don’t seek improvement; they’re just glad when it’s “good enough.” This is what I call merely “existing.” To excel and win takes vision, combined with work. To win means you are better this week than you were last week. Winning is progress. Winning is being “alive” rather than just “existing.” Winning can be a theme in your life when it’s consistently applied as part of your everyday thought process.

Many have been fooled by believing that “if you dream it, it will come true.” But the missing ingredient is “how” will it come true?  Dreams should be goals with a deadline.  It takes preparation and work to get results, and it is your relentless pursuit of your goals that makes you a winner. A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins. When you quit, you never learn your true capabilities. Losers set arbitrary deadlines and often miss them. Whether or not you’re willing to accept procrastination is part of your character. It’s a question of “mind over matter” vs. “I don’t mind because it doesn’t matter.”

If you go through life denying yourself a chance to “Play to Win,” you fail to find out who you can be… or become who you want to be.  It is in the conquering of oneself that  makes you a winner. To win, you must defeat all of your weakness and fear and earn self-respect. When you have self-respect, you will be content with who you are and jealousy of others won’t exist.  Winners possess a “will to excel” mindset.  It is this trait that will shape your character.  I believe that we all can play as “undefeated” in the game of life.  A leader must have focus and execute without hesitation.  It’s possible to defeat your own weaknesses because they are known variables.  You also learn along the way as you reach toward your goals.  That is progress, and “Progression is Perfection.”  Therefore, you achieve “perfection” when you win.

“Whatever It Takes”

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