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Cuong Nhu Martial Arts


The Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association was incorporated in 1973 for the purpose of helping spread and develop the Cuong Nhu Martial Art style and philosophy as founded by O'Sensei Ngo Dong. To this day, it does so by providing administrative and financial support, and fostering communication among schools, instructors and students, thereby joining Cuong Nhu practitioners into a cohesive worldwide network. The CNMAA maintains this website as a communication hub for Cuong Nhu members anywhere in the world.

The overarching goal of the CNMAA is to share as widely as possible the benefits of training in Cuong Nhu: mental and physical fitness, confidence and personal safety, self-improvement and moral development, compassion and community service. Our activities include supporting regional and international training events, publishing curriculum and instructional materials, certifying black belt and dan ranks, helping schools and instructors by arranging consultation and financial assistance, encouraging the founding of new dojos, and providing scholarships for individuals to attend seminars and events.

The CNMAA raises funds for its projects through annual membership dues, and by soliciting donations.

The Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Membership dues and donations are fully tax-deductible.

Board of Directors

Elected Directors

PresidentDonald Williams

Vice PresidentTanner Critz

SecretaryKaylyn Kraus

TreasurerAngel Albanese

At-Large:  Gordon Eilen

Ex Officio Directors

Head of Style: John Burns

Administrative Director: Jessica Ngo


Digital Reach Committee:  Oversees and develops all aspects of Cuong Nhu's digital and social media presence; seeks involvement by the membership in these areas.

  • Elizabeth Roman, chair


Nominating Committee: Recruits, qualifies and recommends candidates for the board of directors during election years.

This committee is not active at this time


IATC Committee: Handles all aspects of planning and hosting IATC.

  • Robert First, chair


Dragon Nhus Team: Produces the official newsletter of the style of Cuong Nhu.