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Cuong Nhu Martial Arts

Children's Belt Ranks

The Cuong Nhu colored belts and stripes denote the level and accomplishments of the wearer.  The children's belt rank progression has more steps than the adult ranks.  The requirements for each rank are designed to be developmentally appropriate and attainable for younger students, while allowing them to experience continued progress.  Older children and teens may move to the adult ranks at the discretion of their instructor.

According to Cuong Nhu tradition, the progression of belt colors represents the life cycle of a tree. For our younger students, the analogy is the same, and looks something like this:

Upon reaching Green Belt, most students will begin following the adult rank curriculum, progressing through brown stripes, brown belt, black stripes, and black belt. However, at the instructor's discretion, more intermediate stripe levels may be awarded if beneficial for the students' progress.

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