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Cuong Nhu Martial Arts

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Upgrade Individual membership to Family membership

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ONLY FOR ACTIVE INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS WHO WANT TO UPGRADE TO FAMILY MEMBERSHIP. If you're a new member joining for the first time, visit this page instead: If your individual membership status is Active and won't be expiring for some time, and you'd like to upgrade to Family and add family members, choose this product. Once you've purchased the upgrade, an admin will need to adjust the settings on your membership, including your 'Family' status and expiration date. When this has been completed, you will be able to add family members. If you need help adding family members, just ask! NOTE: If your individual membership is up for renewal soon, the best option is to renew by logging in to your profile. On your membership tab, select 'Change,' and choose 'Family.' You will be charged the full rate for a family membership, and your status will be upgraded automatically.