Cuong Nhu Martial Arts

Additional Products

Soft Style Manual and Videos

The Soft Style Training Manual Including all techniques and principles required to test for the rank of Shodan in Cuong Nhu Martial Arts. The Soft Style Manual includes 68 glossary pages with color pictures along with Kata, Applications, Hand Drills, Wing Chun, Aikido, Judo techniques, etc. A must have for anyone interested in Cuong Nhu Soft Style and More! A 50% discount for CN members, $20 per manual.

Contact Name: Kirk Farber
Phone: 904-241-8044 

The Bao Way

The Bao Way offers high quality educational media products and training programs to serve various needs in the personal safety, health, and fitness markets. For those that wish to learn from home or interested in a more long-term teaching program, we offer a series of interactive teaching videos.

Contact Name: Bao Ngo
Phone: 615-347-3500

Custom Wood Training Knives

Both beautiful and practical, I personally make these knives by hand in my garage from many exotic woods including walnut, maple, bloodwood, sapele, teak, oak and others. Each knife is one of a kind, created and evolving as it is being made. Blanks are cut from one piece of wood or glued up from several types of wood. In addition to knives, I also make wood guns and kubatons. Knives in picture range from six to twelve inches.

Contact Name: John DiPietro
Phone: 904-710-7431

Unity Martial Arts T-Shirts

Support Unity Martial Arts in Little Rock by buying one of their stylish t-shirts. Contact Tanner to see what styles and sizes are currently in stock!

Contact Name: Tanner Critz
Phone: 501-664-0604

Piscataqua T-Shirts

Adult Tshirts in all sizes - S, M, L and XL with the two kinds of logos White and Black versions. TShirt logo printed on Front and Back ( larger size on back) of the T-shirt.

Contact Name: Surendra (Suren) Kulkarni